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Reel Space Folk Music School


Don´t just learn songs, learn how to play music.

Our courses help you acquire the skills and the abilities you need to play music, and during the course, you´ll use those skills to learn to play some cool tunes. Please note, all the course material is by ear, there is no sheet music or tablature. Don´t let that worry you. In each course, you get free access to a suite of awesome ear training apps and guidance in how to use the apps to connect your ear to the music.

Musicians deal with sound, whether we just want to play some of our own favorite songs, join a jam session, or we are shooting for paid gigs, we need to connect our ears directly to the music. That´s why I always say, play with your ears, not with your eyes.

These courses will help you get in tune and in time and to adapt a methodology you can use for a lifetime in music – building up a version of a song layer by layer, from a simple melody to rocking old time tune. Along the way, you´ll find the musical freedom to express yourself through the tune.

If you´re ready to do the work, I can help you with all the resources you need to go further, faster and to reach your music goals. Our courses assume students are dedicating 15-20 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week practicing; short, daily practices give quicker results that longer, occasional practices. Be ready to make that commitment.

We have both self study as well as guided study, with weekly teacher feedback, options.

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